Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Moving premesis.

We move in 4 weeks so we won't be taking any orders due before September 2012.

It's chaos here at the moment. I spent last night with a camper van that was wrapped in cling film after, going to bed at silly o'clock working on it. I've now got two days left in which to finish it, find a new premises, tie up any loose ends in my day job and prepare to go away for the weekend with children and friends. All of this whilst packing and preparing for a move with my family as well as keeping the house tidy for viewings. - to 'watch' it being made.

It doesn't seem possible on 4 hours sleep - but then that might just be the wine talking (kindly provided by my daughters best friends mum at her leaving party earlier today, where we had an obligatory piñata). I probably shouldn't be attempting to write a blog post under the circumstances but what the hell, if I was sober and well rested I'd be doing something more useful at this moment in time anyway!